Dr Noriaki Satonaga of Sojo University in Kumamoto recently conducted a test of SOD-1 Plus to measure its efficacy in saving energy in machinery, using a bearing life testing machine. In addition, the results of a test in a cooling tower fan at a major oil refinery in Japan were also made available. Dr Satonaga reported as follows:

“ Until now we have discussed the new reducing additive [SOD-1 Plus] in terms of its potential to lengthen the life of base lubricant oil, which is an important topic when considering the reliability of equipment. But there is also the aim of improving the economic performance of equipment by pursuing energy-saving solutions. In the case of our experiment this relates to changes in electricity consumed by the motor in our bearing life testing machine. We also discuss the results regarding energy-saving performance in an item of industrial machinery in which SOD-1 Plus was used.

“ Regarding the method used, the bearing life testing machine used a ring cone motor with a rated power of 0.75kw. The industrial machinery was a reduction gear on a cooling tower fan (motor rated power was 22kw, gear ration 1/5.09). The fan motor used VG320 base oil to which SOD-1 Plus was added at a 10% ratio. We compared the amount of electricity consumed by the fan with base oil only and the consumption when SOD-1 Plus was added to the base oil.

The results of the two tests showed that in the bearing life testing machine electricity consumption fell by 3.9% when SOD-1 Plus was added to the 5W-30 engine oil, and by 5.1% when it was added to the VG320 gear oil. In the cooling tower fan (using VG320 oil) electricity consumption fell by 2%. These results clearly demonstrate the energy-saving effect of the SOD-1 Plus additive.”

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