I own a wonderful car, a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2005 model. I’ve done 137,000 kms in it all over Japan, and it drives very well. Lately, though, I’ve felt the gear changes were getting slightly rough. Nothing to worry about, but when I mentioned it to Mr Ono, the chief mechanic at D1 Chemical, he insisted on changing the transmission fluid, examining the strainer for contamination, and adding the new SOD-1 Plus to the new fluid at a 7% ratio

Two years ago Mr Ono had added the previous version of SOD-1 Plus to the AT fluid. He wanted to see for himself the effect of SOD-1 Plus on the build-up of iron contaminants on the mesh within the strainer.

First he removed the strainer and drained the fluid from the transmission. He replaced the strainer with a new one and then cut the old one open.

Inside the mesh was entirely free of contaminants. This is the detergent/dispersive effect of SOD-1 Plus. A normal strainer would be encrusted with iron contaminants to some degree, but not this one.

With the new fluid and the new version of SOD-1 Plus added I drove the 30 kms home using the expressway. The driving feeling had changed: acceleration was faster, and the gear changes were so smooth as to be almost imperceptible. The Toyota felt like a new Rolls-Royce. That’s what a fluid change and SOD-1 Plus does for your driving experience.

The old strainer - kept clean by SOD-1 Plus

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