Addition ratio to Engine :10%

SOD-1 Plus can be used in any vehicle model such as a piston engine, rotary engine, or hybrid engine. It can be added to synthetic or mineral lubricant oils to extend their life and improve performance.

Inside an engine sludge and varnish which can’t be removed by flashing/machine-cleaning can be gradually dissolved from surfaces and the engine returned to clean status after 3,000~5,000Km of driving. In addition, a chain reaction means recovery and improvement because cleaning and coating of surfaces happens at the same time. The benefits of this dual function are:

  • Dry-start prevention
  • White/black smoke reduction
  • Oil leak prevention
  • Wear prevention
  • Friction reduction
  • Fuel mileage Improvement/compression pressure improvement
  • Exhaust gas reduction
  • Noise reduction

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