A while ago we had a new customer, a man who brought in a lovely old 1991 Nissan Cedric Wagon, an E-WY-30 model. The car was in bad shape. It had only 140,000kms on the clock, but from about five years ago its automatic transmission had begun slipping and there were problems with acceleration. The problems were especially bad on uphill climbs where the car would slow down so much that it caused traffic jams behind. So at the owner’s request we changed the automatic transmission fluid and strainer and added SOD-1 Plus at a 7% ratio.


Immediately upon driving the car the owner found the AT slipping stopped, and the car felt like a new one such was its power now. We thought the cause of the poor acceleration was insufficient oil pressure. The lubrication effect of SOD-1 Plus restores the softness in the O-ring material in a vehicle. This in turn restored the oil pressure and thus the acceleration power.


For classic cars that have not had parts replaced many owners have concerns about trouble occurring if the automatic transmission is replaced. However, replacement may not be necessary if the problem can be solved by greatly improving lubrication. That’s what SOD-1 Plus does.

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